All in style

All in luxury

Set in a tasteful low-rise development, space and light share in abundance through clean lines and contemporary design. Warm textures, wood accents, and elegant stone complete the vision of luxurious country living that will never go out of style.

Two unique colour schemes for your 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartment, invite you to choose between the soothing, warming energy of a golden Summer, or the vibrant, fresh tones of a budding Spring. Each apartment is designed to work to the flow of modern life, balancing sophistication and warmth, with functionality for every occasion.

Budding spring

Warm timber, cool-toned accents, and a deeper colour palette welcome the optimism and freshness of a budding spring. Contemporary design opens the space with crisp lines, square set cornices and skirting boards, whilst chocolate brown flooring, panelled cabinetry, and grey tone plush pile carpet add richness and sophistication for the discerning style-lover.

Warm summer

The warmth and energy of a radiant summer is brought to life through a neutral palette, rich timber, and understated elegance. Square set cornices and clean lines create space, with panelled doors, plush pile carpets, and contrasting finishes combining a warmth of welcome with contemporary style.